Stop Illness Before It Spreads

E-Static Botanical Solutions only uses botanical products applied by an electrostatic sprayer to completely remove pathogenic microorganisms and prevent further cross contamination of infectious diseases, viruses and infections. Because our solutions are botanically based, they are completely safe in environment, with small children, pets, etc. and is a permanent solution, such as the source is not reintroduced into the environment.  

Botanical is Better

Our Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner (BAC) is the only botanical solution in the United States that has received the FIFRA 25b rating, which means the solution is safe on all food preparation surfaces.  Yes, it's THAT safe!


Besides being incredibly safe, our BAC solution is 99.999% effective against many bacteria that cause illnesses and infections, including:  Staph, MRSA, H1N1, Norovirus, Mold, Fungi, E. Coli, Common Cold and more.

Areas That Will Benefit

Locations that have high volumes of human contact will benefit from using BAC. 

Schools, libraries, daycares, hospitals, airbnbs, gym, athletic facilities, cruise ships, airports, public transportation vehicles, assisted living facilities, to name a few!