About Us

Our Beginnings

The products used by e-Static's Botanical Solutions have been studied and researched by chemists and engineers for over 20 years.  The final product, which is the solution used now, has proven to be very effective in eliminating various types of strong odors, including: Smoke, food, and pets.  Our solutions have also been proven to be effective against harmful bacteria and has been used to treat MRSA and the Norovirus in public buildings.  

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of members in our community by offering environmentally friendly products that eliminate odors and harmful bacteria 

Why e-Static?

The commitment we provide our customers is second to none. Equally impressive are the products that e-Static Botanical Solutions uses during the treatment process.  

Before using chemically based products that are less effective, more expensive in the long-term and only offer a temporary solution, call e-Static Botanical Solutions! Many treatments are completed in 90 minutes or less and all treatments include our amazing 30-day warranty

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