About Us

Our Beginnings

The products used in e-Static's Odor Control Services have been piloted since 2017 in the pre-owned vehicle market in South Georgia where they have proven to be very effective in eliminating smoke, food, pet, and other odors.  Starting with no customers, there are now over 100 car dealers using our products to recondition vehicles prior to sale.

Mission Statement

By striving to offer excellent customer service and effective odor control treatments, we provide peace of mind to individuals and families during important transactions and life events. 

Why e-Static?

The commitment we provide our customers is second to none. Equally impressive is the e-Static Odor Control solution used during the treatment process.  

Instead of using masking agents that will temporarily disguise the smell, and before spending thousands of dollars and an extensive amount of time for a home renovation, call e-Static Odor Control! Many treatments are completed in 90 minutes or less and all treatments include our amazing 30-day warranty

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